Friday, October 12, 2012

Everything about... Us!!!

We created this short interview by ourselves, trying to predict our readers’ questions. If you have some more, you are always welcome to ask!

Q: Where does this name "Irinada Nadira" come from?
A: It’s easy to guess, especially if you have Soviet Union background. Have you heard about a Russian functional author Kozma Prutkov? The four distinguished satirical poets (Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy and his cousins, three Zhemchuzhnikov brothers, Alexei, Vladimir and Alexander) used this pseudonym as a collective pen name to publish aphorisms, fables, epigrams, satiric and nonsense verses in the 1850s–1860s. IriNada NadIra is not as big and famous (yet ;)), but the idea is similar. This name represents both of us (includes two names Irina and Nadya) because we will contribute to this blog together. 
We came from different but resembling countries, which where together in the Soviet Union family for a long time, Russia and Belarus. We came to the USA and NY particularly at the same time, 3 years ago. We met at a language school and became friends right away. And we are soul mates now.

Q: What this “The Women Survival Web Book” about?
A: We can find a lot of survival books in each bookstore. They all are trying to educate us about something special. We created our web book as two women who have to survive in the big city every day. We, for example, have this kind of every day routine: What to cook\eat? What to wear? Where to go? How to stay healthy? How to educate ourselves? How to add some romance to our lifes? When we get some answers and they work for us, we decide to share them with others, hoping to help someone else as well.
Of course we are different in many things and thoughts, but we think this is our strength because there is always a need in a different perspective which helps to do a better and more creative job.
We live in different areas of NY now and discover new things almost every day. We will try to share with you some information which we find interesting.

Q: What about different labels which you have in your book? What are they about?
A: Through them we would like to separate our activities. Labels are showing\describe different parts of our life. Because of this separation each readers can chose the “book’s” chapter by their own interest. Some of the labels will provide our service to the society. Others were created for sharing information and experience. We would like to express our creativity and encourage creativity of others. All of us are artists by our nature but sometimes we just need some push\example from someone like us.

Q: You are not native speakers. What is it like for you to write in English?
A: It’s not so easy for sure and we know that we make a lot of mistakes. We know also that through mistakes we can learn. We will appreciate if you help us to improve our language through leaving the comments.

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