Friday, January 18, 2013

Idea #3

“An epiphany is a realization; an opening; a portal to the Divine; growing up; a magic moment that impact you and changes you forever and you can remember it as vividly as you experienced it; a moment that changes the lens through which you view your life; our soul scratching around our head and giving us a signal to guide our lives with; a moment of descending light, open knowledge, and choice; a drastic shift in energy and change of perspective that happens in the form of a moment of clarity; something that gives you the strength to take a different direction or move forward and opens up everything; a sense of wonderment; a clarifying direction; that moment where you know your life is never going to be the same.
We don’t often speak about our epiphanies because they are held so close to our hearts. There simply aren’t opportunities in our society to share such delicate moments, and often we’re embarrassed by them. We don’t always take the time to think about extraordinary moments in our lives and what they really mean. We miss the experience of awe that comes from listening closely to others, to ourselves, and to the signs in the world around us.
It’s important not only to know other’s stories but also to honor and tell our own. When we do, we often discover things about ourselves or find a deeper meaning behind an epiphany.
There are so many amazing people around you who help weave the tapestry of your life. Notice them. Observe. Inquire. Act. Wonderful riches are to be mined from everyone around us, from those we meet in random everyday encounters to the people closest to us. So many of the people who have helped me throughout my life turned out to have riveting and important stories to share with me. Because I had never asked, I had no idea about their epiphanies. I had known them for years, but what they shared with me has given me greater insight into them and into my own life.
People will share their stories generously if they know that their experiences are respected and needed. Many people said they wanted to ask their parents or grandparents about their epiphanies, but couldn’t anymore. So do it. Share your epiphanies and ask the people in your life about theirs”.

Elise Ballard "Epiphany" 

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