Saturday, January 5, 2013

Visualization Board

    Hello everybody! Today we are going to talk about dreams/plans/goals  which you set to yourself a few nights ago..before the calendar sheet changed from 2012 to 2013.. Ahh..New Year magical time. You feel so confident that you will do everything you planned, you will be healthy, will learn a lot of new stuff, will change the job...etc. I personally had this feeling, that this year will be just amazing! All plans set up, activities are planned and new organizer waiting for me to feel him up:) But you know what's funny? That this feeling of high productivity started to fade away ones I put my New Year hat on its place and get back to routine. I think that not only me..   I need a boost..we all need a reminder that will keep us going in achieving our dreams.   This is why I decided to do a visualization board. 

     Visualization board is a tool to keep you focused on a things you want, your dreams and wishes. It's like a reminder that always keep you attention on the things you want the most.  Even If you don't have a goal, just think about things you want. Maybe it's a relationship you wish to have, a new car, a watch? If you will put a picture which will be associated with this and you will see it every day, your mind will work toward this direction. Suddenly you will see the opportunities you've never put your attention into before, meet right people.  But don't think that this visualization board will be like a magic pill for all your problems:) You need to do some work too.  It's a very simple process. We need: - A big piece of paper (depends on your wishes:) - Magazines that you read. - Scissors - Glue  - Your picture


1. Identify what do you want. It could be something simple just to begin with if you've never done this before. For example: you want a new purse/jacket/loving relationship, you name it. 

2. Find a picture of it in the magazine, cut it and place on your visualization board. (mine is not finished yet...I still need to find a picture of a beautiful family and happy relationship)


3. Every time when you will pass by it imagine how you wear it, how good it fit you, how does it feel to have it. If it's a car - imagine how you drive it, close your eyes, press the gas pedal:)  Our brain treat reality and our imagination in the same way. So by imagining that you already have it, you sending a very strong signal to the universe and here where is magic begin:)  

    I personally started to do a visualization boards in 2008. I used to have it on my wall, back i Russia. A few days ago my brother sent me picture of it. And you know what, almost everything I wished for then I have now. For example, I used to have a beautiful picture of New York and now I live here for 3,5 years, or picture of material things like clothed and gadgets, I have a relationship I dreamed about.. My weight was 63 kilo back days and I wanted to weight 56, so I placed a picture of a beautiful woman body and i put my face over there and here we are, I got it:)

    I just want you to give it a try! It doesn't hurt. But the main ingredient is your desire to change, to learn, to achieve and do steps in this direction! Not just look on the board and wait the miracle to happen. This board is a great tool to keep your focus on the right things and motivate you.

    Remember! Impossible is nothing! We can do anything we put our mind into! Good luck!

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