Friday, January 18, 2013

Heart wall decor ;)

    I created the way to show how big is my heart is (just kidding).
    It’s great kind of wall frame for any photos you like. 
    Did it for first time and like the result. 
    Used the same technic like in that case and almost the same materials.

     We need:
1.     Big piece of cardboard.
2.     Colored paper napkins.
3.     Scissors.
4.     Brush.
5.     White paint.
6.     PVA glue.
7.     Decoupage glue-finish.
8.     Glue gun.
9.     Clothespins.

1.     Make a big cardboard’s heart.
2.     Paint main side of the heart and clothespins with white paint, dry.

3.     Separate color layer of napkins from others two.

4.     Smell glue on the cardboard’s heart.
5.     Glue napkins to the cardboards, dry.
6.     Cover the heart with glue-finish to fix and make it shiny, dry.

7.     Stick the clothespins to the heart, use a glue-gun.
8.     Enjoy! 

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