Monday, December 10, 2012

Pretty Round Earrings.

We need:
     1.     Cardboard.
     2.     Colored paper napkins.
     3.     Earrings hooks.
     4.     Scissors.
     5.     Brush.
     6.     PVA glue.
     7.     Decoupage glue-finish.
     8.     Pliers.

     1.     Make small circles of cardboard.
     2.     Paint them on both sides with white paint (make it in advance).

      3.     Cut circles of napkins.

     4.     Separate color layer of napkins from others, usually they have 2-3 layers.

     5.     Smear glue on the cardboard circles.
     6.     Glue napkins to the cardboards, dry.
     7.     Make the holes for hooks and attach them using pliers.

     8.     Cover the earrings on both sides with glue-finish to fix napkins and make them shiny.

     9.     Dry them again and enjoy! 

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